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The famous old rhyme ….

Something old ....

The ‘something old’ represents the bride’s family and her past—her ‘old life’. Whatever is chosen should symbolize that the people you love will always be part of your life. This item is traditionally from the bride’s mother or grandmother.

Something new ....

‘Something new’ symbolizes the brand new family that will be formed by the newlywed couple. This item represents good fortune, happiness, health and a successful marriage. Most brides count their wedding gown as something new.

Something borrowed ....

Borrowing something to wear is an especially important tradiition. The borrowed item is to come from a happily married woman, who is thereby lending the bride some of her own martial bliss to carry into the new marriage.

Something blue ....

In ancient times, blue was the symbol of purity. So wearing something blue on your wedding day symbolizes your faith-fulness and loyalty. Something blue can include a blue bow on your lingerie or garter, blue flowers, a blue ribbon (sewn on the inside of your dress), or a blue trinket inside your bou-quet—like a butterfly or bow.

A six pence in your shoe ....

Traditionally the “Penny” is fastened onto the inside of the shoe, as a symbol of financial wealth, good luck and fortune in the up coming years of your married life.
Nowadays the “Penny” can be money of any denomination, from and old fashioned coin right through to a brand new shiny coin to a modern note.

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