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Getting dressed

The chief bridesmaid or mother of the bride is generally re-sponsible for helping the bride get dressed. This person should not get dressed herself until the bride is fully dressed. If she is in comfortable, casual clothes, this will make move-ment easier for her and will eliminate her gown creasing. Hair and make-up is always done first, so all she has to do is get dressed.

Unless instructed otherwise, the bride should always step into the gown. If the gown has a separate petticoat, this is to be placed on the floor and opened up, enabling the bride to step into it. The petti-coat is to be fastened on the waist, not the hip, then the closing of the gown can pro-ceed, whether it is buttons, zip or lace-up. Make sure the centre back seam is centred with the spine. The straps of the gown are to be placed off the shoul-der, then once fully fastened they can be lifted onto the shoul-der. If your gown has self covered buttons, pinch the elasticated loop and place over the buttons. Make sure all hook and eyes are fastened under-neath the buttons. Once the gown is fastened, go underneath and give the lining a good tug.


As hair is generally one of the first things to occur on the big day, the hairdresser should be informed of the position you wish your veil to sit. This will allow her to leave a space to in-sert it later on. (As your makeup is yet to be done as well as getting dressed into your gown, these are always a lot easier without the veil.)

The veil should be placed into the hair once you arrive at your venue, just before you walk down the aisle. This responsibility is generally given to your maid of honour. This way it reduces creasing and avoids any unnecessary tearing while getting ready or getting in and out of the car.
If the veil is creased or crushed, hang in the bathroom after someone has had a shower. Generally, the steam will drop out most of the creasing. If this fails, a veil can be pressed but use a damp pressing cloth and medium/high heat, ensuring that the iron does not come into contact with the tulle. Tulle is very delicate and can tear or melt easily.

Placement of the veil

Always cut the ribbon off the comb. (This applies only to veils purchased at Corina Snow Bridal Couture, as this is only to hang the veil.) Hold the comb of the veil so that the prongs face skywards and the curve of the comb, when held against the bust, fits the curve as a bra would. Flip the comb away from you towards the bride’s hair (prongs are now facing down) and secure into the hair.


Before the ceremony, place your engagement ring on your right hand or ask your chief bridesmaid to mind it during the ceremony. After the ceremony, once the wedding ring has been placed on the left hand, the engagement ring can be placed back onto the left hand. If the rings are difficult to place on your finger, smear a small amount of Vaseline around the inside of the rings. The rings should glide on more easily.


There is one simple rule when you wear a wedding gown...
“Be a lady on the day”. Take care when placing yourself into the car, and arrange your gown to eliminate creasing. Posture is very important. Ensure you always sit and stand tall.

The one time this rule doesn’t apply is when you go to the toilet. You may need to take your chief bridesmaid with you to eliminate accidently flushing the train down the toilet!!


Rescue Remedy is a product recommended by most brides. It is a natural product to calm and relax anxious brides.

Ensure you have a good deodorant to eliminate perspiration transferring onto your gown. Maxim is doctor and dermatologist recommended. It is available at Life Pharmacy. A crystal stick is also effective.


Ensure you and your bridesmaids are wearing a non-oily sunscreen. Photo sessions taken outside can last up to 2-3 hours. In this time, you are oblivious to sun exposure and unknowingly get sun burnt.


Purchase your own lip colour. This way you can take it with you and touch up your lips throughout the day.


Marks on the gown pre wedding

If the mark isn't very obvious, just leave it. You can do more damage by attacking it, Silk can ‘bruise’ if a mark has been worked on too long. The best solution to remove a mark is vodka or oil of eucalyptus. Gently rub using a VERY clean cloth. If the mark is really bad… I suggest to just drink the bottle of Vodka!! If red wine is spilt on the gown counteract this instantly by dabbing the mark with white wine.

Holding your flowers

Always hold flowers with both hands if the arrangement is a posy structure.
The forearm should rest on yours hip bone, elbows out from the waist and flowers positioned in front of your pelvic bone. The ‘nervous’ pose is to hold the flowers at the waist. This will not only hide any detailing and embellishments featuring on your gown, but in photos, will also make your body look shorter than what it really is. The bridesmaid with the “flower duty” will eliminate this from occurring.


Generally, all fabrics can be ironed. Always use a pressing cloth (a flat smooth cotton piece of fabric e.g. a pillowcase). This will eliminate iron shine, transfer of iron dirt or burning holes or scorch marks. Silk can tolerate a high temperature and steam is allowed. Do be careful if you press a crease into silk, it can be difficult to remove.

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