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Handy hints from previous clients

We asked some of our 'now married' brides if they have any handy hints for future brides. Here's what some of them had to say:
Write a list of photos you want with family/friends. Give that to someone not in the wedding party to round people up so you don't forget anyone and also so your family/group/friends' photos are done smoothly and without too much time spent waiting for people.

Take a moment to really sit back and enjoy your day. The old saying 'time flies when you're having fun' is no more poignant than your wedding day. The day will go by so fast, it will be over before you know it. If at all possible, take 10 minutes away from everyone else, to enjoy a small portion of your special day , just the two of you.

At Corina Snow Bridal Couture, we have two mottos...

- "Breathing is optional, as long as you look hot."

- "You need to put your gown on and forget about it. You shouldn't have to tug on it or be conscious that the gown is slipping down and about to expose certain assets!!"


You are likely to be investing a small fortune in your special day, so it’s sensible to take out insurance. A small price to pay to safeguard against everything from damaged dress to problems with suppliers. Enquire online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appoint a capable person

This person should be level headed and able to remind you that if all else fails, and they can’t solve the dilemma, the flowers are nice but not necessary, someone is keeping a close eye on Aunty Mary and the caterer is rearranging the food to make a filling and wonderful meal from which the chicken will scarcely be missed. The moral of this is that there may be a few things that will go wrong, but only you will know. The most important aspect to you should be that your fiancé is there to say ‘I DO’… simple.


When choosing shoes always pick a style that will complement the gown.

A strappy shoe is great for a soft falling chiffon Gown. A closed in toe (e.g. sling-back) is more suitable for a more structured gown.
Very few people have beautiful feet or toes, so a covered in shoe or ‘peep’ toe is more suitable.

If you have fabric-covered or satin covered shoes, and you are not planning to dye them black after the wedding (or a more user friendly colour) spray the shoe with a silicone spray to protect the fabric on the shoe. Once the shoes are coated with silicone the shoes are more difficult to dye.

Heel caps or heel stoppers are also highly recommended for on the base of the heel. (They are available in two sizes, and described as plastic caps that fit over high/stiletto heels.)

Heel Caps or Heel Stoppers are designed to eliminate:

  1. The heel from sinking into the soft ground.
  2. Give you more stability for walking.
  3. Protects the fabric of the gown if you accidently stand on the train etc.


Make sure the groom always stands on the side where there is the least detailing on your gown so the main features of your gown are visible. One thing I notice when my brides bring in their photo albums after their wedding is that the finer detail-ing in gowns is lost with the ‘distant’ photos. Ensure that your photographer takes the close-up shots of the intricate bead work, rouching , lace, buttons etc… Also a close-up shot of things like the ‘hair-do’ (hairdressers also appreciate a photo of their work) and the jewellery. All of these details are talking points when you show your friends and family, who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Always, maintain your posture and when bridesmaids are out of the photo, position your train out to the side so it becomes visible. It will also visually make you look taller. Remembering the taller you look… the slimmer you look.
No matter how many times you go over what you want with the photographer, there is a chance you could be disappointed with the results. Encourage guests to take plenty of their own photos—that way their photos can help fill your photo album should you require them. It is best to have too many to choose from than not enough.


If you suffer from enlarged blood veins on the back of your hand (which generally get worse due to heat), just before you cut the cake (where a close up photo of the hand is required), hold your hand up above your heart for about 30 seconds, the blood will drain from the hand and the veins will disappear.

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