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Cleaning your gown

Any Polyester gowns can be hand washed. Concentrate on spot cleaning the most obvious marks with a laundry soap like “Sard Wonder Soap”. Soak in the bath with a soft laundry detergent, rinse thoroughly and give a gentle spin in the washing machine to eliminate excess water. Then drip dry.
Gowns should be cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding day. Stains will ’set’ if left too long.

All silk gowns are dry clean only. Find a reputable dry-cleaner.

We recommend Pristine Dry Cleaners, as they are specialists in dry-cleaning silk gowns.

Storing your gown

Wrap the gown in an acid-free tissue paper and then store it in a cardboard box or any paper carry bag. Avoid plastic dry-cleaning sleeves or plastic bags. Any clean cardboard box or paper bag will be suitable. They can also be packaged in a ‘memory box’ by the drycleaners but at a cost.

Selling your gown

If you are considering selling your gown, this should be done as soon as it returns from the drycleaners. Wedding dresses are high fashion items and will date quickly, as all fashions do. A reasonable asking price is generally half of the purchase price.

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